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Your wedding meal, known as the “Wedding Breakfast”, is a traditional meal which takes place following on from the ceremony or drinks reception. It’s important to consider appropriate music and entertainment for this stage in the day.

Why is it called a Wedding Breakfast?

The name derives from past traditions, when the wedding ceremony was held after mass. The entire wedding party would fast before mass and so for the wedding party this was their first meal –  effectively their ‘breakfast’.

These traditions tend to be a thing of the past now, but the name of the meal has been retained throughout the years.

Live Music during the Wedding Breakfast

I get asked about wedding breakfast music a lot, but the reality is that you can’t beat live music during your wedding breakfast.

Pre-recorded music of course, can fill in the gaps between sets.

In terms of style of music, it really depends on your own requirements. Some couples like the music to be more of a background music style; relaxing, chilled and designed to enhance the atmosphere and ambience.  I find the American Songbook and Rat Pack genre is ideal for this but there’s plenty of excellent material throughout the ages that compliments this.

Other couples prefer upbeat, lively music throughout their meal. Some of the most memorable Weddings I have performed at have opted for this. I’m happy to talk through your requirements, learn about your wedding, your guests and offer advice.

A Discreet and Quality PA System

I’m sure you will have been to plenty of events over the years, and I can almost guarantee that most of them will have had a DJ or Singer using a large, old fashioned, often low quality PA system.

I’ve always believed there was no point having a great act if didn’t use quality equipment, so I invested in a couple of Bose PA systems – the L1 Model and L1 Compact. I have the same philosophy with everything I use, including my microphones and instruments.

What these PA systems allow me to do is provide a discreet amplification solution. The L1 is a tall cylindrical speaker with a small footprint and is ideal for use when performing during Wedding Breakfasts.